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How do we be there for our clients and for ourselves?

As a therapist, our role is to support, inform and educate our clients so that they can build awareness of limiting patterns of behaviour and work towards their own psychological wellbeing. As part of the support offered, often the subject of self-care comes up and we look at ways the client has abandoned themselves for the sake of being there for others.

Due to external stressors and life challenges, there are more people seeking out the support of a therapist. From a business perspective, this intake of clients is seen as a good thing as it brings in more flow and abundance. However, the risk here is that we may negate our own needs for the sake of our client’s.

So how do you reduce the risk of burnout whilst navigating a busy practice? How do we be there for our clients and for ourselves?

Firstly we need to be aware of our own stress levels and listen to our body. We often get messages from our body; messages in the shape of headaches, pain, fatigue or trouble sleeping, our bodies nudging us to slow down to stop, to rest, at times just to take a breath. Often because of our case load or work load, we choose to ignore these messages and push through, we keep going. We bring our tired, over wrought self to aid others and we don’t do them or ourselves any favours.

Eventually our body will stop us, if we don’t.

So, if we know that self-care is imperative to our wellbeing, so much so that we teach it, we recommend it, we espouse the selfless act of self care to all our clients …. then why are some of us not doing it for ourselves?

It’s time, time to listen to our bodies, our intuition, time to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and we are ‘the best man for the job.’

Self-care does not always have to be grand and sweeping, like a European vacation, although we’re all up for that! Running ourselves ragged and then staggering to the finishing line of annual holiday is not sustainable.

It’s how we live in all the moments, minutes, hours and days of our week. Living is in each moment and finding those moments to take care of ourselves is our responsibility, then we are better able to show up for our clients, for ourselves … and for our grand European vacation in good shape.

After talking with colleagues and recognizing my own need for self-care I decided to put together a retreat specifically for people in the wellness industry. A time to connect, to replenish, with yoga, meditation, massage and healthy food. I’ve also added some training and supervision for your PD points.

A time to immerse yourself in a nurturing and nourishing environment, here on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney, because you matter.

Replenish Retreat for Therapists, to be held at St Joseph’s Retreat, Kincumber on the Central Coast from 19-21 May 2023.


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