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​Are you ready for a change? Something is stirring inside of you and you know something has to change and it’s you?

This program is specifically designed for you to elicit that desired change and provide you with the skills you require to become the best version of you.


  • Sense of self worth

  • Self compassion

  • Communication & life skills

  • Presence and mindfulness

  • Challenging negative beliefs

  • Looking at what holds you back

  • Dealing with emotions

  • Loving and accepting your body

  • Changing your language and perspective

Contact Tamika to register your interest in this transformative and life changing program. 

I knew I needed help. I didn't know whether I was grieving or grudging but I knew I was struggling. So I followed what was left of my instincts and took a step to see Tamika. Within 24 hours of reaching out, Tamika had phoned me, an appointment had been made and I knew someone was willing to help me.
One session with Tamika and I knew I wanted to see her again. She has a calm, composed and attentive presence that devotes itself to your story. Tamika does not rush you to tell your story but allows the conversation to follow its own course. You will find yourself later, reflecting on the wisdom that she shares as you talk. These gems sustain you because you recognise that they come from a place of deep awareness and understanding and that they apply to YOU.
I have seen Tamika several times and I have experienced an amazing shift in my belief about myself. I can hardly believe that it is me saying feel empowered, focused and willing to face the future. It is a feeling that has a permanence about it because Tamika helps you realise the truth about yourself and your life in a way that makes you want to face it, embrace It and love it
Thank you Tamika.

Judy, Sydney

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