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Preventing Burnout

If you are working as a mental health practitioner, therapist or working in the field of supporting others, it is imperative to understand the importance of self-care. Self care is a word that is well known and as a health care practitioner, we discuss the importance of self care with clients, however, looking after YOU is paramount to your mental health, well being, and will help you avoid burnout.

Burnout can seep in as there can be a tendency to push through. Even if you are tired or overwhelmed with caseloads or clients, do you still make yourself available for the client? Perhaps telling yourself that it’s only another few weeks until you are on holidays or I am having that long weekend away. So as much as you know and convey the importance of self-care, do you look after yourself and maintain balance in your own life and profession?

As a health care practitioner you may experience things like, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and overwhelm, hence it is vital that you take time out for yourself to nurture your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Set out below are some things you can start applying to your daily life as a way to ensure your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing:

  1. Listen to your body – don’t push through the tell tale signs of tiredness

  2. Rest you body and mind – regular meditation practice and time to just be is vital

  3. Ensure you take care of your physical health – exercise daily/yoga

  4. Add your daily self care into your diary – even if it is taking ten minutes to rest or sit and have lunch

  5. Make your self care intentions non-negotiable

  6. Schedule regular breaks – this includes a lunch break

  7. Ensure you have fun activities or creative outlets in your down time

  8. Ask yourself every day – ‘how am I going’ check in and be honest with yourself

  9. Seek support from peers

  10. Get regular supervision

  11. Remind yourself that you matter and that your own physical, mental and emotional health is a gift to others and to yourself!

  12. Ensure you maintain healthy boundaries

It is easy to get caught up in being there for others and as a result, negate your own emotional well-being, so be mindful of taking care of yourself. Even if you take one thing from the list above, it will support you to continue with the amazing work that you do.

Therapist self-care is absolutely essential; therefore we are offering another ‘Replenish Retreat for Therapists’ from 20-23 June 2024 at Quest for Life Centre at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands. This is an opportunity for you to fill your bucket, to take some time out for yourself and immerse yourself in the beautiful grounds at the Quest for Life centre. Not only will you have the opportunity to relax, but you will also gain your OPD hours and group supervision hours.

Past participants provided feedback that they loved the retreat and wanted more. Click on the link below to find out more information and to book your place.

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