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Need support? I have many years’ experience providing supervision, supporting counsellors, students and volunteers who work in the field of emotionally assisting others.


As a Counsellor/therapist you must have regular supervision to meet the annual professional development requirements for your governing body, such as PACFA. Having said that it is imperative that you get good support for your own wellbeing and balance.


Supervision provides protection for the clients, as I can act as an impartial 3rd party, who is able to highlight any oversights and assist you to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and approaches to working with your client.


Regular supervision assists Counsellors to:

  • Detach themselves from the clients issues after a session

  • Become aware of any limiting self beliefs

  • Become aware of signs of stress and burnout

  • Build awareness of appropriate self care

  • Reflect on sessions and any areas of feeling stuck in ongoing therapy

  • Become aware of projection, transference or counter transference

  • Set up appropriate priorities, standards and administrative procedures

  • Market and pace themselves

  • Gain personal awareness and development

  • Monitor and discuss difficult or challenging issues with clients


Compassion - To walk beside you on your healing journey, offering you support with care and compassion.


Integrity, honesty and confidentiality – I value my ethics and integrity. I live my life according to my values and I work in a professional way. Being open, honest and maintaining your confidentiality is an integral part of what I offer to you.


A safe place to heal – There needs to be trust between us in order to do the deep healing work. I offer a safe, non judgemental approach and space, where you can feel secure and supported to open up and discuss what is holding you back in life.


Inspiration – I am passionate about my work. In fact it never feels like work at all. I love to pass on what I know and to offer you support so you can feel inspired and excited about your life.


Awareness and insights into your behaviour– You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so in our sessions we will build awareness of any unconscious patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving you.


An integrative approach – I use a wide range of therapeutic approaches, such as Gestalt Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Ego state therapy, motivational coaching and reprogramming your brain using your own ability to change your brain.



Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy (GTS)

Adv Dip Gestalt (TGI)

Adv Dip Applied Social Science and Counselling (ACAP)

Dip in Clinical Hypnotherapy (HTA)

Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Trainer (RTI)

Cert 1V Training and Assessment

Clinical member PACFA & GANZ & AHA

PACFA accredited supervisor


I knew I needed help. I didn't know whether I was grieving or grudging but I knew I was struggling. So I followed what was left of my instincts and took a step to see Tamika. Within 24 hours of reaching out, Tamika had phoned me, an appointment had been made and I knew someone was willing to help me.
One session with Tamika and I knew I wanted to see her again. She has a calm, composed and attentive presence that devotes itself to your story. Tamika does not rush you to tell your story but allows the conversation to follow its own course. You will find yourself later, reflecting on the wisdom that she shares as you talk. These gems sustain you because you recognise that they come from a place of deep awareness and understanding and that they apply to YOU.
I have seen Tamika several times and I have experienced an amazing shift in my belief about myself. I can hardly believe that it is me saying feel empowered, focused and willing to face the future. It is a feeling that has a permanence about it because Tamika helps you realise the truth about yourself and your life in a way that makes you want to face it, embrace It and love it
Thank you Tamika.

Judy, Sydney

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